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Auxiliary Equipment

Gillespie & Powers offers a unique variety of Auxiliary equipment that  improves  SAFETY as well as the  PRODUCTION  within the remelt industry. Products that GPX offers consist of:



Gillespie & Powers patented  Autotapper design helps eliminate the need for personal interface with the transferring process addressing the main concerns of every cast house, SAFETY! The Autotapper allows operators to be a safe distance away from the tap plugs and trough during the transfer process.






The Vortex Submerging Device is a trolley-supported vortexer and rapid submerging system. The Vortex overcomes the high surface tension of molten aluminum, separates dross simultaneously and achieves full utilization of the furnace’s thermal capacity.

Other Performance Advantages Include:VORTEX5



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The continuous feed Vibratory Scrap Feeder   is a piece of auxiliary equipment to supplement the operation of side well melters; to provide for continuous addition of scrap charge material. This provides for totally unassisted feeding of scrap material, and usually operates in conjunction with other auxiliary equipment including the GPX vortex submerging device and the automatic salt flux addition system.

The Vibratory Scrap Feeder is designed to be an integral part of the Gillespie & Powers, Inc. total plant material handling and melting operations. From shredding, to metal out the door, Gillespie & Powers, Inc. offers all aspects for the efficient aluminum melting process.

Consistent Feeding

Variations in head load and material damping cause fluctuations in the capacity and feed rate of scrap feeders that are not sub-resonant tuned. Scrap feeders have negligible change in trough stroke when subjected to varying head load and material damping. Our precision sub-resonant tuned Scrap Feeders maintain stroke consistency and speed stability thus delivering higher capacities at controlled feed rates, and repeatability.

vib bin2Technical Summary

The Gillespie + Powers’ automatic salt/flux feed system includes continuous proportioning and addition of salt fluxes to continuously add material in proportion to raw material charge. This intimate and properly proportioned mixing of salt fluxes with charged material provides for optimum utilization of these materials, reducing waste and increasing melt recovery

The Vibratory Scrap Feeder is designed to provide a feed rates up to 25,000 pounds per hour of a variety of shredded scrap aluminum into the melting furnace. The feeder will include a support stand on wheels as well as lugs to move with a fork truck. The material carrying deck assembly will have a replaceable stainless steel nose assembly that extends into the furnace well. Each feeder will be equipped with a control box that will contain the components of the automatic variable feed control system. (Custom controls systems are available at additional cost.)



DSCN0023eGillespie & Powers LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM is designed to detect the presence of  molten Metal at specified trough elevations in the event of a tap hole leak.  This product is equipped with a high pitch alarm that notifies the operators of the condition, which it turn reduces the probability of injury in the event of a metal leak.