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Engineering Service

The Engineering Department at  Gillespie & Powers, Inc. is a well-diversified group of professionals. Dedicated in disciplines such as:



Gillespie provides engineering field support services to all of their activities related to the operation and maintenance of aluminum melting and holding furnaces and other cast house accessories. We also provide troubleshooting services to clients using equipment involved with their cast house operations.



We provide complete design, installation, and maintenance services for the application of all types of combustion equipment .  This equipment can be incorporated with aluminum melters, holders, ladle heaters, soaking pits, rotary kilns, heat treat furnaces, and dryers. Our services include complete engineering analysis of firing conditions, and application of the proper mode of firing, including regenerative and recuperative equipment. We can provide the best available technology for each application with a variety of control systems including pressure balanced or electronic fuel/air ratio systems.


Gillespie specializes in the highly technical area of refractory application engineering for aluminum melting and holding furnaces. The very heart of these high temperature systems is the refractory lining. Gillespie + Powers, Inc. provides for the key elements in the successful implementation of refractory systems including proper selection of material, detailed application design documents, selection of proper refractory shapes, and implementation of proper procedures for manufacturing, delivery, and installation. Recent features have included the selection and detailing of pre-cast shapes, heat flow calculations to establish desired casing temperatures, differential expansion calculations, and the incorporation of factory manufactured shapes to accommodate the existing geometry. Gillespie & Powers, Inc. provides the necessary skills to implement all phases of the procurement and installation services through and including the thermal dry-out and curing to yield a finished refractory system of maximum longevity.


Gillespie has been involved in the research and development proof of concept activity involving a number of projects for the reclaiming of scrap metal. Such projects have included the removal of contamination from and the reclaiming of copper wire from transformer laminates and the recovery aluminum from spent automotive airbag inflators. Gillespie & Powers, Inc. was directly involved with the projects from “proof of concept” through implementation of manufacturing facilities for this equipment.
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Air Pollution Control

All aspects of the proper management, transport, and treatment of emissions are included as a standard part of our design and installation services on aluminum melting and holding furnaces and other cast house equipment. Our attention to detail includes all aspects of this equipment including necessary pretreatment, control devices, and testing.

Bag House Systems

Gillespie & Powers, Inc. possesses unique practical design and build capabilities with regard to total emissions control involved with the handling and melting of aluminum scrap including the specification, purchase, and installation of bag house systems. Our knowledge extends to the proper arrangement of handling equipment, fume collection, transport, and pre-treatment systems for the effective utilization of bag house systems.