Mass flow delacquering

Making Recycling Aluminum Cans Worth It!

Gillespie & Powers delaquering systems can turn bales of UBC into clean hot shreds at up to 40,000 lbs. per hour.

Recycling UBC into clean and usable products is a complicated process that involves shredding and sorting bales of scrap then heating the shreds to volatilize any coatings. Gillespie & Powers manufactures the equipment to volatilize or delaquer scrap aluminum. The Primary Components include the Kiln, Air-locks, Cyclone, and Hot-gas Generator.

The Kiln is a rotating steel drum that is the main process chamber and provides the agitation needed to physically remove coatings. The system utilizes Counter-Flow meaning the material inlet is also the fume exhaust and the material outlet is the heat source.

Controlling the interior atmosphere is key to the performance of the equipment. In addition to the myriad of sensors to monitor pressures and O2 concentration, the system includes inlet and discharge airlocks as well as kiln seals, to maintain control over the process.

Oversized and non-metallics that that made it through the system as well as condensed VOC’s are removedfrom the kiln into a High-temperature cyclone funnel to avoid damage to the equipment.

The Hot-Gas Generator is the heat source for the system. Since the combustion system is a closed loop it also functions as an after-burner to incinerate coatings.

The hot and decoated shreds are then conveyed into a sidewell melting furnace for immediate submergence.