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JANUARY, - 2000

At Gillespie + Powers, Inc., the safety of our employees is of primary importance. We recognize this responsibility and are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. Our success in maintaining an effective safety and health program is directly related to the participation of all employees and management.

All employees are expected as a part of their duties to help maintain our safety and health programs to the absolute highest level. All employees are also expected to be involved with our ongoing efforts to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.
In the field, our superintendents and foreman are accountable for the safety, well-being, and safe work conduct of all persons assigned to them. 

Further, each employee will be responsible for their own personal safety as well as being aware of the safety practices of their co-workers. All employees are expected to react to and remedy unsafe conditions immediately, followed by reporting information to their immediate supervisor. We require the participation and cooperation of all employees in making this company a safe and healthy place to work.

John R. Gillespie, President



JANUARY, - 2000

Consistent with the policy statement of management, Gillespie + Powers, Inc. has implemented a safety and health program in accordance with the terms and provisions as outlined in our Safety Manual. Our Safety Program is continuously managed and improved under the direction of our designated Safety Associate, Laurie Thornsberry.

This program defines the unique work environment of our day to day field activities and further, our specific goals as it relates to maintaining an injury free work place. We include here with a copy of the table of contents of that document.

The contents of the manual and the details of the appendix have been crafted to reflect the unique working environment that we are exposed to in working with our customers throughout the United States.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with regard to further details on any aspect of this program. 
We routinely work in industrial plant locations that have independent, but comparable safety programs, which we rigidly adhered to. Many of our customers require separate training or health monitoring depending upon the specific nature of their process. We work in close harmony with these special requirements.





Page No.

Policy Statement  




Accident Investigation


Confined Space


Emergency Action


Employee Notification (Right-to Know)


Employee Training/Orientation 12
First-Aid 12
Forklift Training 12-15
Ground Fault Protection 15-18
Hazard Communication 18-22
Lock-Out/Tag-Out 22-25
Respiratory Protection 25-29
Safety Meetings & Documents 29-33
Safety Rules & Regulations 33
Scaffold Safety 34-36
Substance Abuse Testing 37-45



Accident Investigation Form A
Confined Space Pre-Entry Checklist B
Confined Space Permit Forms C
Confined Space Authorized Entrant Personal D
Confined Space Authorized Attendant Personnel E
Confined Space Gas Monitoring Authorized Personnel F
Confined Space Personnel Trained Form G
Forklift Inspection Checklist H&J
Forklift Daily Operation Checklist & Training Forms I
Respiratory Protection Certification Record Form K
Weekly Safety Meeting Form L
Substance Abuse Acknowledgement & Consent Form M

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