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Safety Policy

NS--Ruf-flex--Premium-Rubber-Palm-Coated-Work-Gloves_16000681_800719420_0_0_14022780_300At Gillespie & Powers, Inc., the safety of our employees is of primary importance. We recognize this responsibility and are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. Our success in maintaining an effective safety and health program is directly related to the participation of all employees and management.

All employees are expected as a part of their duties to help maintain our safety and health programs to the absolute highest level. All employees are also expected to be involved with our ongoing efforts to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.

In the field, our superintendents and foreman are accountable for the safety, well-being, and safe work conduct of all persons assigned to them.

Further, each employee will be responsible for their own personal safety as well as being aware of the safety practices of their co-workers. All employees are expected to react to and remedy unsafe conditions immediately, followed by reporting information to their immediate supervisor. We require the participation and cooperation of all employees in making this company a safe and healthy place to work.


Jon R. Gillespie, President