Recycling Scrap Aluminum Safely and Efficiently.

Gillespie & Powers supplies all of the major equipment to take coated aluminum scrap and turn it back into finished coils, ingots, and billet.

melting furnaces

Melt Metal Fast.

Reverbs, Round-tops, Tilters, Stack Melters, Rotary Barrels all designed with Cold-fired, Recuperative, Regenerative, or Oxy-fuel Combustion systems.

holding furnaces

Super Heater or Super Cooler

Reverbs and Titling Holding Furnaces give the best opportunity to dross, alloy, and provide a stable stream of metal to casting equipment.

Delacquering systems

Process UBC with
Maximum Efficiency.

Gillespie & Powers is an industry leader in the manufacture of equipment to remove coatings from Used Beverage Cans and other scrap so it can be melted down with less oxidation and smoke.


The Single or Double Autotapper System mounts to the outside of the furnace casing above the tap block and eliminates the need to manually tap and seal the furnace.

leak detector

The Model 902 GPX Leak Detector is an independently operated assembly designed to mount to the side of a typical trough or launder and detect the presence of molten metal (or any conductive material) at specific trough elevations by means of two probes.

 ems stirring

Electro-magnetic stiring not only homogenizes the molten metal bath but increases melt-rate. Stirring units can be side or bottom mounted.