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Specialty Work


Numerous design and installation projects optimizing the operation of hazardous waste destructors in the Incineration Department.One of the original founding partners involved with design and installation of hazardous waste incinerators. Firm later purchased by Chemical Waste Management of Oak Brook, Illinois.   Responsible for the design and installation of refractory for operating Units No. 1, 2, and 3

Redesign of refractory systems for thermal oxidation unit involving the extensive use of supported tongue and groove construction.

Design, supply, and install refractory for large rotary kiln type hazardous waste incinerator facility including disengage chamber, secondary combustion chamber, quench, and cooler.

Involved with the investigation and determination of cause of failure of refractory systems in a large rotary kiln of a hazardous waste facility.

Provided investigation services to determine the optimum arrangement of process separation chamber and incinerator for the separation of lead, copper, and sheathing from reclaimed underground communication cabling.

Complete design and installation of G&P Mass Flow Delacquering System (U.S. Patent No. 5,059,116) for used beverage can processing plant. Includes can contact kiln, hot cyclone, afterburner, heat exchanger, and related hardware.

The complete redesign of refractory setting of vertical down-fired liquid waste destructor.   The newly designed installation has totally eliminated unexpected shutdowns due to refractory related failures.

Designed and built Pyrotechnic waste incinerator. Installation included fully automated explosion proof handling and conveying system as well as high-energy scrubber.

Complete engineering review of all facets of the waste destructor in the Incineration Department. The implementation of our recommendation resulted in a significant reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

Provided design and installation services on the maintenance of multiple hearth sludge incinerators for their North & South
Plants in St. Louis

Complete design and installation of refractory for hazardous waste incinerator consisting of rotary kiln and combustion chamber for Martin Marietta Energy Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This system is used for the volume reduction of moderately contaminated radioactive waste.

Complete redesign and installation of refractory system for carbon regeneration furnace and incineration chamber.

Designed and built unique arrangement of Aluminum Melting Furnace Incinerator and Hot Air Recuperator System for the high rate melting of contaminated aluminum scrap with complete incineration and heat recovery.

Designed and built a unique Reverse Flow Aluminum Melting System incorporating high efficiency melting with incineration of fumes from charge well. (U.S. Patent No. 4,578,111)

Engineering investigation of catastrophic refractory failure of nitrous oxide destructor.   Later redesigned system and supplied material with installation supervision.

Lead consultants in determining cause of catastrophic failure of two 23’-6” diameter by 7-hearth Multiple Hearth Sludge Incinerators. Investigation included analysis of technical data collected, determination as to cause of failure, and responsibilities involved.

The complete design and installation of high temperature noxidizer including combustion chamber, reduction section, quench, and reoxidizing chamber.

Converted existing Used Beverage Can Delacquering System to a G&P Mass Flow Processor.   Rearranged and added hardware together with modifying software for total automatic control.

Lead structural refractory consultants in determining the cause of premature failure of the refractory system in two new 25’-9” I.D. Multiple Hearth Sludge Incinerators.   Investigation included analysis of failure, short term and permanent repair procedures, and recommendations related to future inspections and maintenance.

Engineering contractor for the redesign of the refractory system for a waste tire incinerator.

Designed and built Drum Recycling Furnace involving the continuous removal and incineration of residual materials from open head steel drums.

Provided engineering investigation services to determine the cause of catastrophic refractory failure in two large furnaces used for a cogeneration power plant. These furnaces involved the unique arrangement of a Multiple Hearth Furnace on top of a Fluid Bed Furnace using cattle feed-lot manure as fuel.

Complete design and installation of Metal Recovery Furnace, afterburner, and air pollution control system for the reclamation of automotive airbag inflators. G&P was selected because of their special knowledge of refractory systems, performance for incineration, and aluminum recovery projects.

Lead refractory design firm to determine the cause of failure and recommended modification of massive refractory lining system of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) installed for Kodak Co. in Rochester, New York

Redesigned and installed new refractory system in process Thermal Oxidizer that was plagued with multiple failures including massive casing distortions.

Design and installation of refractory system for waste gas incinerator completed on time in compressed seven day schedule.

Design and installation of refractory system for dual chamber thermal oxidizer for the destruction of volatile organic compounds from byproducts generated in a pharmaceutical operation.

Design and installation of 80 MM BTU combustion chamber and aqueous waste injection system for supplementing spent acid recovery facility.

Designed and constructed 120 MM BTU combustion chamber to be used in conjunction with a proprietary IDEX Decoating System for the separation of foil products from volatile organic compounds to recover the aluminum foil. Combustion chamber contained numerous critical penetrations and uniquely designed restrictor throat. This design became a model for similar units built throughout the world.



Boiler setting, re-engineering and construction implementation of multiple boilers

Boiler setting modifications Utility Department

Refractory settings; boilers

Boiler setting repairs

Various repairs and modifications to Billet Reheat furnace

New construction of original steam generator – various repairs

Acid-proof floor construction

Boiler setting modifications, acid-proof floor work, furnace construction

Redesign #10 blast furnace boiler

Various boiler setting repairs

Various boiler repairs, ash hopper repairs

Boiler setting repairs

Total refractory setting; boilers and reactors

Stack guniting; boiler repairs

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